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If you use professionals for your face-to-face events, keep doing it for your virtual events

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Virtual events: all the solutions for your virtual and hybrid events at the same place

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    Live streaming online events

    The alternative to face-to-face events without risking the health of speakers, guests and organizers and saving costs. Conferences, presentations, workshops and "one to one" business meetings without having to move from your workplace or home. We make it easy. Everything you need for your virtual event is here.


    When face-to-face events are not possible: Professional online events

    • Virtual events where the performance occurs as if you were on a TV set or conference stage.
    • Our platform Your Events Factory is the software in charge of creating the website, drive attendance, process registrations, allow access to the private area and show the content broadcasted online.
    • The speakers are monitored with a specific software, without having to move from their own home or office, avoiding any displacement and saving costs.
    • Customized backgrounds and masks defined by the organizer for a better image of the virtual event.
    • There is no limit of atendees as it happens with other videoconferences platforms.
    • We maintain the atendees privacy.
    • Interventions can be recorded in parallel to be retransmitted later.
    • All viewing is done through a private website with restricted access by login and password that will also allow interaction with the event, atendees and speakers.
    Eventos online streaming
    Live Streaming online events

    Monetize your event and take advantage of the best technology

    Decide if you want a payment event or just certain activities, issue invoices automatically while the rest of the organization is done by professionals, you won’t have to worry about anything.

    Avoid the problems of free video conferencing platforms and webinars

    Avoid the problems of free video conferencing platforms and webinars we all have experienced, whose quality and company image it’s not the desired. If you need to professionalize and give a good image of your virtual online event, hire professionals as you would do in a face-to-face event.





    Eventos online streaming
    Recommendations for your virtual event

    Some recommendations for your virtual event succes:

    • Use a professional system. The image of your company is at stake.
    • Control the audio of the speakers.
    • Avoid noise and always do tests before the retransmission.
    • Control speakers interventions. Our software and professionals will take care of it.
    • Personalize your virtual event, conference, or webinar with the image of your company. Personalized masks and backgrounds.
    • Adapt your face-to-face event to the virtual one. Do not stop organizing events.
    • Transmit short messages, information pills.
    • Support your intervention with a video, presentation or image controlled by a professional who launches the content.
    • Support your virtual event for atendees engagement: Questions to speakers, televote, atendees chat, surveys.
    • Control and register your atendees to obtain statistics in real time.

    One more advantage

    Virtual Events from your work place or home

    Decide if you want a paid event or some activities

    Private area to access to the content and engage with speakers and atendees

    Unlimited number of attendees

    Task automation

    Real time statistics

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    The success of your event begins in its organization and management.
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