Tailored events Agendas

    Your guests have different needs even if they belong to the same group, why treat them equally? Listen to them and allow them to live a unique experience allowing them to choose the activities they really want to attend. We will make it happen.

    Taylormade Agenda for participants

    Each attendee will live your event in a unique way

    The event becomes dynamic, flexible and innovative because each assistant can decide what activities they want to attend, which will be incorporated into their "Personal Agenda" customizing their participation and attending only what really is interested in.

    Agility and flexibility in equally divided

    As an organizer you will know before your event the interest aroused by the different activities, being able to make program changes or expand places, in addition to knowing where each of your assistants is at any time according to their personal agenda.

    Taylormade Agenda for participants

    Commercial Director
    Commercial Director
    "We have been using this tool for more than 3 years for the events we organize and we are very happy with both the software itself and the staff that are always willing to help with whatever it takes. Throughout our career as organizers of corporate events and congresses, we have used endless solutions for the registration and accreditation of participants and without a doubt this is the best solution that exists today in the market. This system not only allows you to accredit in-situ participants in a very fast way avoiding queues at the registration desks, but also gives you the option to make customized agendas for each participant when the event has different activities in parallel in such a way that each assistant has previously been able to select what activities they want to attend and based on that the software generates for each attendee their personalized agenda. I recommend 100% this solution for any type of event in which have a professional and especially fast registration system is required."

    A single event, a unique experience for each assistant.

    Each participant can choose the activities they are interested in

    Proven and certified methodology. Error Free or doubled activities

    Multi-activity: several activities can be programmed at the same time

    Dynamic events, flexible and agile where the participant becomes the main character

    Personal agendas created within a few minutes

    Flexibility in the parameterization of activities

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