Your online events technical secretary.

Unlimited formsheets to make your event management a success

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    Online registration formsheets for Events

    Create and add as many formsheets and fields as you need to register your participants. Formsheets totally tailored and without templates, since none of the events are equal, nor do all clients have the same needs.

    Customized forms

    Your custom forms for events in a few minutes, without limits

    You do not need to be a programmer or designer to create your own formsheet thanks to our simple interface.

    You can assign fields to different types of participants, link it to the payment gateway, create activities and much more.

    100% adjusted to your needs.

    Customized forms for events
    Customized forms for events

    Your online technical events secretary

    Registration is the beginning of the event, where participants decide their attendance and start their management. All information is linked to the corresponding modules allowing:

    • Automate tasks
    • Send automatic emails based on the participant's interaction with the software: sending invoices, confirmation of attendance, sending tickets, passes, etc.

    We make managing your event easier ...

    100% adapted to your needs

    Different ways to register:

    • Conformation by email after importation of BBDD.
    • Public access to the formsheets through the event website.
    • Restricted access through login and password.
    • Access by creating a link to the filled formsheet (for data confirmation).
    • Invitation validation by code.

    You can also

    • Create as many fields as you need for your event.
    • Relate participants to each other through codes (invitations) or use discount coupons in case of payment gateway.
    • Choose the kind of fields you need for the management of your event (type text, number, list, email, link ...) to adapt 100% to your needs.
    • Linked to the rest of the modules for simple and efficient management.
    • Adapt to the GDPR easily.
    Customized forms for events
    Head of Marketing and Public Relations
    Head of Marketing and Public Relations
    Spanish Association of Shopping Centers and Parks.
    “Tu Fábrica de Eventos team has helped me a lot in the conception of my event, contributing ideas and ways of managing them that I had not contemplated before. The tool is simple and easy and I know that I am working with the best technology at the best price. ”

    Easy, versatile, complete and adapted to your needs.

    Integrated with the rest of the modules

    100% Customizable

    Task Automation

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    The success of your event begins in its organization and management.
    Request a demo and find yourself all the profits that you can get by working with the most powerful and complete event software on the market.

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