Automate tasks with smart e-mailings and SMS

Automatic email sending, saving you time and effort

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Envío de SMS para eventos

Envía notificaciones SMS personalizadas, confirma invitaciones, envía pases y mucho más. Integrado con el resto de módulos.

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    Email marketing and SMS for Events

    A module that schedules your events email marketing sendings, create invitations to your event, create automatic responses, automate tasks and know at any time and place anything related to the shipment.

    Email marketing and SMS for events


    Save time and effort

    • It will allow you to save a lot of time in the event management thanks to the automation of tasks and the integration with the rest of the modules.
    • Schedule your email marketing shipments with the filters you need.
    • Customize your emails with all the fields you need.
    • Create your own "Save the date" event.
    • Program automatic answers.
    • Get to know who has opened the email or clicked on the link.
    Email marketing and SMS for events
    Email marketing and SMS for events

    Smart Email Marketing and SMS sending for events

    • Communicate any time with your guests by email or SMS.
    • Promote your event and check the results of your shipment.
    • Be fast on the organizers management by automating the processes through automatic submissions and answers.
    • Customize shipments and make an easier work of registration through automatic response buttons.
    • Statistics and "tracking" of results in real time and of specific participants making easier commercial works and decision making.

    Corporate Events Manager
    Corporate Events Manager
    InnoEnergy SE
    "I love the fact that Tu Fábrica de Eventos is simple and friendly it also saves provided the fact that I can automate tasks through email, where depending the participant doing one thing or another, you get a different email. This helps me a lot in my work and allows me to focus in other tasks."



    Integrated with the rest of our software modules

    100% custom shipments

    Automatic responses based on participant actions

    Real time Statistics and tracking

    Automatic invitation acceptance button from your email

    Custom filters and scheduled shipping

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