Virtual Fairs for more profitable events

Business meetings, leads, videoconferences, real time statistics of the visits obtained

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Different types of stands and 100% customization

Use the different models of stands that we propose or upload the one you want. Simple, easy and versatile.

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Finish off your event in our virtual web for face-to-face or hybrid events

We bring together all our solutions in a virtual web where you can show products, do networking, watch conferences, chat, ask questions, videoconference, etc.

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    Virtual fairs. Show your products in a stand or catalog format.

    Versatility for a module where you can present your products and services virtually while you can chat with participants, request "B2B" meetings, download company information… All in a virtual environment where you can deliver conferences and everything you need to make your virtual fair a success.

    Ferias y stands virtuales

    Stand virtuales

    Virtual stands or product catalog. Versatility to use it as you need.

    • You can upload 100% personalized images, documents, videos, company description and website.
    • Virtual "B2B" meetings, chats with participants, videoconferences and, attend your stand as if you were in a face-to-face fair.
    • If what you need is a virtual product catalog, this same information will be adapted to what you need.

    All is integrated in the same place and merged with the rest of the modules. Features:

    • It is fully customizable with the image of the company, which you can choose between the stands proposed on the platform or choose the image you want.
    • Autonomy: It is the users / exhibitors themselves who will include the images and documentation to personalize the stand easily in their private area.
    • Versatile: The booth area can be divided into pavilions, rooms or sections to facilitate the search of companies or products, as well as through a search.
    • Virtual networking through 5 different networking methodologies that only our software has. Ask us!
    • Chat between participants.
    • Streaming, conferences, debates or work tables in one place. It brings together all the solutions with new designs and more customization.
    • Data security. With the tranquility of working with the safest software by being ISO-27001 certified.
    Ferias y stands virtuales Ferias y stands virtuales
    Conferencias Networking virtual

    Give value to your virtual fair with more activities and make it profitable.

    En Tu Fábrica de Eventos we bring together all the activities that could be done in a face-to-face event so that your investment is quickly returned:

    • Conferences, "one to one" meetings, paid activities, round tables, sponsors' area, chat, questions to speakers, surveys, televoting ...
    • But most important, at any time, you will be able to download real time statistics of the place where each participant has been, their meetings, the stands visited, opened emails ...

    The most complete "all-in-one" event software management for your event success.

    Easy, versatile, complete and adapted to your needs

    Virtual fairs and stands

    All solutions for virtual events

    Monetize your event

    Virtual networking with agendas

    Task automation

    Statistics of visits to stands

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    The success of your event begins in its organization and management.
    Request a demo and find yourself all the profits that you can get by working with the most powerful and complete event software on the market.

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