Real and structured networking

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Different networking methodologies

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    Real and structured Networking for Events.

    Are you one of those who still believes that networking for events is having a break? If you are keen to do real real and structerd network events as well as innovating and satisfying your guests, our methodologies will make it possible.

    Real and structured networking for events

    Networking for events: Real and effective business contacts

    • Networking takes place in a real and structured way, with a person, at a specific time and in a specific place.
    • Nothing is left to chance in the hands of spontaneity or improvisation.
    • The organizer has the event at all times under control.
    • Meetings can be prepared in advance.
    • Each participant has a Personal Agenda of one to one meetings.
    • Participant satisfaction exponentially increased.
    Real and structured networking for events
    Real and structured networking for events

    Networking for events: Personalization in its purest way

    • Its the participants who choose who they want to meet with.
    • Easy and fast meetings matching with automated processes.
    • The organizer parameterizes the way he wants meeting matching to develop.
    • Security in the results. 100% proven and proven methods for more than over 15 years.
    • Statistics and measurement of results.

    5 different networking events methodologies

    1. Preference methodology
    2. Methodology by request of meetings
    3. Methodology by meeting request and automatic acceptance
    4. Methodology by common products / services
    5. A combination of the above

    You can read more about our methodologies in our blog.

    Real and structured networking for events

    Marisa Vázquez
    Marisa Vázquez
    International Expansion-IFEMA, IFEMA, IFEMA
    "Tu Fábrica de Eventos platform is a very efficient and versatile tool. It is easy to use for both event organizers and participants. Thanks to it, we have managed to efficiently manage the growth of participation in our FITUR workshop B2B, from 294 participants and 2,300 appointments in 2014, to 540 participants and 6,200 appointments in 2018. "

    Administration Manager
    Administration Manager
    A3e, Energy efficiency Association Companies
    “Tu Fábrica de Eventos offers me different networking methodologies to boost this important part that my assistants value so much. We are not only satisfied as customers but also our guests. ”

    Ana Belén Cisneros
    Ana Belén Cisneros
    International Development - International Expansion, IFEMA
    "Tu Fábrica de Eventos is a powerful and very intuitive tool. Its use allows us to manage two days of b2b networking meetings fast, efficiently and providing immediate solutions in real time."


    The relief of working with the leading Networking Meetings company

    Different methodologies to adapt to your needs

    Personal Agendas for each participant

    Parameterization of the meetings. You decide who and how people meets

    Simple and fast process with the guaranteed of true results

    Private area Automatic creation for each participant

    Allows to measure the event ROI and the satisfaction of participants

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    The success of your event begins in its organization and management.
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