Travel and accommodation management for Events.

    A complete module to manage and the needs of your participants together. You will have everything under control.

    Travel and accommodation management for events

    Making easier the participants management

    • Register the hotels or routes of your event.
    • Includes the capabilities.
    • Participants can automatically show their preferences and even make the payment.
    • Makes easier for the travel agency that part of the job allowing their entrance to the module.
    • Track record of any problem.
    • Send tickets or bonuses with one click.
    • Linked to the participant's private area or web app.
    • Linked to the payment gateway.
    Travel and accommodation management for events
    Extremadura Public Management Society
    Extremadura Public Management Society
    “It has been a pleasure to count with the collaboration of Tu Fábrica de Eventos for the organization of the Commodity stock of the International Ornithological Tourism Fair - FIO 2018. The very easy way the platform works, along with the support they provide to solve our needs, have made this tool become the perfect ally to succeed ”.

    Everything under control.

    Register the different hotels or trips previously defined by the organizer

    Participants preferences through form sheet integration

    Send tickets or bonuses in one click

    All the necessary fields for the participant management

    Create custom fields from the registration formsheet

    Gives access to the travel agency to make the task easier

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