Real-time statistics for events

    All the information about your event in real time, number of registrants, number of emails sent, number of assistants, generated networking meetings and much more. Do not wait to be told by others! A very valuable information that you should not give up.

    Real time statistics for events

    Statistics for Events: Your event information at hand

    24 hours Access to information, 365 days to see what is happening in your event, before, during and after without third party dependencies and providing a global vision related to the other modules of Tu Fábrica de Eventos.

    Real time statistics for events
    Real time statistics for events

    Statistics for events: Information, statistics and results

    • Sent emails Statistics and results.
    • Enrollment Statistics.
    • Statistics on records and accesses in the event. • Received payments and pending Statistics.
    • Statistics on access to specific activities.
    • Information on the number of Networking meetings generated and assessment of participants to these.
    • Results of the surveys carried out. •And much more.

    Don't let others tell you... access when you need it and download the information you need at any time.

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