¿Who we are?

    Tu Fábrica de Eventos is the best online software for organization and managing events "all in one", created by events professionals.

    A little history

    Tu fábrica de Eventos (Your Events Factory) arose from the need to offer our customers different and dynamic events where they can network and where participants can choose the activities they want to take part in, thus customising their participation in the event and fully tailoring it to their needs. Thus in 2004 we began the company International Business Events (Ibevents) and created software capable of cross-matching participants’ preferences and turning them into personal schedules for networking. Over the years, we have organised business events under the title “BusinessEvent™” in different sectors, until we saw that we needed to be able to offer our methodology to other event organisers.

    And we have managed it! Not only have we now channelled all our know-how, but we have also improved it by creating what we believe is the most complete and powerful online software for event management on the market.

    What makes us different?

    Tu Fábrica de Eventos is unlike any other type of application or events software because in Tu Fábrica de Eventos we propose custom solutions and methodologies that allow our clients to build their events according to the needs of participants.

    Lately, other companies offering events software have begun to appear, but none is as comprehensive as what is offered by YourEventsFactory. Currently there are some applications for registration that do not offer networking; there are others that offer scientific programmes, but do not provide registration, and still others that have announcements/posters, but not e-mail marketing mailings... We are proud of the fact that Tu Fábrica de Eventos is the most powerful on-line platform for managing events on the market... Tu Fábrica de Eventos is a dynamic application that grows through customer feedback and, best of all, has been designed by events professionals.

    Where we are?

    We are currently in Spain, Colombia, Chile and Bolivia, if you want to represent us in other countries, contact us.

    The founders

    Raúl Del Moral

    Raúl del Moral“After 20 years of intense experience in sales, this is the first time we have been congratulated on a product we have developed. It is a dynamic tool that evolves every day with contributions from users and industry professionals. We want to become a key element in the evolution of an industry that hitherto has not been overly concerned about processes, methodologies, tools and new formats beyond visual impact and content”. Raúl del Moral. Director.


    Coral Almagro

    Coral Almagro

    “The positive side of the difficult times and constant change we are facing is that competition, innovation and new ideas are coming to light. Clients are increasingly demanding more for less and attendees at events are treated without distinction, when differentiation and customisation is the trend... we are certain that with TFE we are offering a quality product created through our many years of experience in developing innovative events”. Coral Almagro Events and Communications Director.

    Aster Award 2007for Best Entrepeneur

    Awarded by ESIC Business School

    New company with Talent 2007

    Awarded by Emprendedores Magazine