Ticketing and ticket sales for events

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    Ticketing and ticket sales for events

    A complete ticketing module where you can to sell numbered tickets in your event. Set up the room where you will sell the tickets and link it to the accreditation system to to guide your participants to their seat. The perfect solution for your tickets sales for events.

    Ticketing for events


    Ticketing for events: Ease of use and centralization

    You can design the stage of your event and sell numbered seats or directly sell tickets without further ado. The system adapts to an infinite number of spaces without the need for specific programming unifying everything in the same place as it is linked to the rest of the modules, without the need to hire third parties.

    Ticketing for events
    Ticketing for events

    You can use your own POS and the databases will always be yours

    Unlike traditional ticketing and ticketing systems, we offer you the option of choosing to use your own POS or Tu Fábrica de Eventos. The databases are always from the client and will never be used to send advertising or for purposes different from the event management itself.

    Recover the investment with guarantees and save time

    The cost per use of the module can be attributed to the cost of issuing tickets. Being linked to the rest of the modules, task automation will save you a lot of time in sending payment confirmations, invoices, sending tickets, etc ... and we never lose a payment! ... if it was canceled, you can always remind your potential guest one more time.

    Ticketing for events
    Extremadura Public Management Society
    Extremadura Public Management Society
    “It has been a pleasure to be able to count on the collaboration of Tu Fábrica de Eventos for the organization of the Contracting Exchange of the International Ornithological Tourism Fair - FIO 2018. The ease of use of the platform, along with the support they provide to solve our needs, have made this tool an ideal ally to succeed ”.


    Optimize your time and resources centralizing it in a single software.

    Allows you to design the plan of the space where you sell numbered tickets

    Seat selection by the assistant or organizer if there are numbered entries

    Ticket sales integrated with the organizer's website

    Capacity control, detailed sales record and automatic invoice issuance

    Linked with all modules and accreditation app

    The databases are of the client. Tu Fábrica de Eventos will never use them for its own purposes

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