TFE channel. Your new B2B communication channel

A constant communication tool with your internal or external clients in an exclusive environment for your company.

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Keep doing events and communicate them

There is no excuse for not keeping your audience informed. TFE Channel is a turnkey product to facilitate this work.

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360º service

Keep all your videos in the same place, highlight them, know its statistics and if you need it, we also can help you in the audiovisual production.

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    TFE Channel. Your B2B communication channel. Video repository and much more.

    A constant communication tool with your internal or external clients in an exclusive environment for your company, where you can do live broadcasts and publish all the videos / communications you’ve made in the past. In addition, it is linked to the solutions of Tu Fábrica de Eventos to offer a 360º service. We also help you with the audiovisual production.

    Canal de comunicación B2B

    Everything you need in the same place.

    A private communication channel 100% customizable, where you can do live broadcast to an audience in real time or include past videos. It’s integrated with the rest of the solutions of Tu Fábrica de Eventos Event:

    • B2b Channel Registration of participants.
    • Private website.
    • Virtual auditorium for live broadcasts.
    • Video repository with all the necessary functionalities.
    • Image 100% customizable by the company.
    • Automatic emails.
    • Real-time statistics.
    • Audiovisual production team at the service of the project.

    Everything you need in the same place. Integrate it with the rest of the modules and you will have everything you need to be connected.

    Do you want that in addition of accessing to all your audiovisual content to be able to do live broadcasts, networking between participants, show the company's product or service catalog, chat with the organizer or between participants and much more?
    We offer you a complete solution so that your content and events are not forgotten and to be able to keep your internal or external clients connected over time.

    Your constant B2B communication channel!

    Evento virtual, híbrido y presencial

    Exclusive virtual private web for your company. All modules unified in the same place.

    Escenarios virtuales. Plató de TV

    B2B networking meetings to increase the profitability of your participants.

    Escenarios virtuales. Plató de TV

    Video repository. Your constant B2B communication channel with your internal or external clients.

    Catálogo de productos virtual

    Catalog of products of your company or collaborators from where to answer questions by chat.

    Auditorios virtuales

    Different auditoriums for live or delayed broadcasts. Communicate to your audience.

    Chat de participantes

    Audience interaction through chat, surveys, televoting, videoconference.

    Ferias y stands virtuales

    Fairs and virtual stands 100% customizable. Highlight your sponsors!

    Escenarios virtuales. Plató de TV

    Audiovisual production to give you a global service.

    Gestión de Eventos online live streaming

    Beneficios TFE Channel

    • "All in one" software and solutions.
    • Scalable. The product is designed so that with very few changes you can generate as many videos as you need.
    • Time saving. Reusable for other purposes. The videos that you create can be used on your company website, RRSS or other communication purposes that you consider.
    • Customer and employee loyalty as an increase in customer acquisition through the improvement of the company's image.
    • Customizable with the image of the company.
    • Versatile. Personalization of the contents, not only of the videos and live broadcasts, but also of the complementary information.
    • Durable over time. It will be operational as long as you need.
    • Economical and profitable compared to other communication channels.


    Benefits and features

    Always connected

    All solutions are integrated

    Audiovisual production

    Save of time and money

    100% customizable

    Real time statistics

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